• Development and implementation of electronic and distance МООСs (еdX, Coursera) in order to maintain individual educational tracks based on LMS and knowledge management
  • Attraction to cooperation of the foreign partner universities, development and implementation of joint international programs; students’ mobility (practice and internship)
  • Development and implementation of postgraduate programs (PhD) with foreign partners
  • Engaging leading international researchers and academics
  • Development and implementation of programs stemming from the Institute’s research outcomes and global scientific breakthroughs
  • Increased masters and post-graduate students’ percentage
  • Increased foreign masters/post-graduate students’ percentage
Program track Level
Bachelor’s degree programs

01.03.02 Applied mathematics and computer science

09.03.01 Computer science and computer engineering

09.03.04 Software engineering

10.03.01 Information security

Specialist’s degree programs

09.05.01 Application and operation of specialized automated systems

10.05.04 Information and analytic security systems

10.05.05 IT security in law enforcement sphere

38.05.01 Economic security

Master’s degree programs

01.04.04 Applied mathematics

09.04.01 Computer science and computer engineering

09.04.04 Software engineering

10.04.01 Information security

Post-graduate’s degree programs

09.06.01 Computer science and computer engineering

10.06.01 Information security

Masters/Post-graduate students