Computational mathematical devices

In 1954, the faculty “Computational Mathematical Devices”  was established at the MEPhI on the basis of the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, which in 1957 was renamed the Electronic Computing Devices and Automation Devices. In 1966 the faculty was divided into the departments “Automation and Electronics” (“A”) and “Electronic computing devices” (“B”). In 1971 the faculty “Electronic computing devices” (“B”) was renamed into the faculty “Cybernetics” (“K”). In 1995, the faculty “Information Security” (“B”) was separated from the Faculty “K”, which existed until 2011.


The department is created on June 22, 1963 on the basis of the order on MV and SSO USSR of July 29, 1962 under the name “Operating Electronic Computers”. The scientific group of MEPhI “The theory of automatic control” became a basis of department (A.N. Staroverov, E.V. Sedykh, B.A. Schukin, O.A. Mishulina, V.M. Alexandrov, A.A. Aglintsev entered her). Lev Timofeyevich Kuzin who has just defended the doctoral dissertation and published the monograph “Calculation and Design of Discrete Control Systems” in 1962 became the first head of the department. In several years L.T. Kuzin has managed to convince the Academic council that the name “Cybernetics” will better reflect the actual sphere of activity of department.
Since 1986 the department was headed by B.N. Onyky. At him at department the branch laboratory of Minsredmash has been created.
In 2016 the department of software of systems has joined department.

Information Security

Faculty of information security — one of the youngest in MEPhI. Conducts the history since 1991 when as a part of faculty “Cybernetics” has been organized department No. 41 “Information security in ACS and COMPUTERS networks”. Rapid development of this direction has led to formation on November 29, 1995 of separate faculty.
Malyuk Anatoly Aleksandrovich, PhD in Technological Sciences, the associate professor, the head of the department “Information security” is appointed the dean of faculty.
In 2011 this faculty together with faculty of Cybernetics have also been united in uniform faculty of Cybernetics and information security.


Strategic objective: global leadership in training, having necessary knowledge and competences in cybernetics, information and financial security and capable to resist to modern threats and calls. The analysis of the perspective directions of development of science and technology has shown need of creation of new institute.
The main research directions of ICIS: Cybersecurity; Platform technologies; Financial security; Artificial intelligence, neurotechnology; Modeling, processing of physical data; Cryptographic methods of information protection.

ICIS directions in informatics and computer technology in the rating of universities according to the results of the admission campaign in 2019 showed the highest passing grade.

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