01.06.01 Mathematics and Mechanics
Differential equations, dinamical systems, optimal control
General information:
University:National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
Institute: Institute of cyber intelligence systems
Level: Post graduate course
Document on education, degree or qualification: Researcher. Teacher – Researcher.
Language of education: Russia, English
Form of training: full-time
Duration: 4 years
Possibility of free education: yes
Program leader: Kudryashov Nikolai Alexeevich
Phone: +7 (495) 788-56-99, доб. 9991
E-mail: NAKudryashov@mephi.ru
Graduation department: Department of Applied Mathematics #31
Targeted training of specialists for the organizations of Rosatom, Institutes of Russian Academy of Science, foreign universities, corporations and etc.
The strategic partners of the department are the State Corporation Rosatom and the leading organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Postgraduate students are trained in the priority areas of science and technology in the Russian Federation.
Program provided:
• Specialized curricula for postgraduate students, individual training trajectories, academic interuniversity mobility;
• participation in the educational process of leading experts of the industry and scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other universities, practical work of graduate students in scientific groups of organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences and “Rosatom”
• distribution of postgraduate students in the organizations of “Rosatom”, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, “Kurchatov Institute”.
The program promotes the development of skills of independent research work at a highly professional level with self-assessment of the work performed. The emphasis in the educational process is made on the practical application of the acquired knowledge. Scientific research and postgraduate education is carried out, also in the scientific organizations of the State Corporation Rosatom, at the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Research Center Kurchatov Institute, JINR, IBRAE, and others.
The main competitive advantages of the program are:
• unique modern courses in the field of applied mathematics;
• interesting fundamental and applied research projects in the different areas of mathematics
The main field of professional activity of post-graduate students is work in leading Russian and foreign research institutes and universities, large companies, banks and corporations, including those of the state corporation Rosatom.
mathematical modeling; mathematical physics; inverse and illposed problems; numerical methods; Probability theory and mathematical statistics; operations research and system analysis; optimization and optimal control; discrete math; nonlinear dynamics, informatics and management; mathematical models of complex systems: theory, algorithms, applications; mathematical and computer methods of image processing; mathematical and information support of economic activity; mathematical methods and software for information security; mathematical models and software for computer networks; information systems and system analysis; mathematical models and methods in the design of super-large integrated circuits; analytical theory of differential equations; group theory; game theory; mathematical methods of theoretical physics; mathematical methods of data processing; high-performance computing and parallel programming technologies; computational nanotechnologies; intellectual systems; bioinformatics; software engineering; system programming; means, technologies, resources and services of e-learning and mobile learning; applied Internet technologies; automatization of scientific research; programming languages, algorithms, libraries and software packages, products of system and application software; system and application software; automated systems of computer systems; software developer; database; enterprise management system; network technologies.
The main focus of eduational programm is done on the research work, in which post-grads acquire the skills of searching and analyzing scientific and technical information on research topics, modeling processes and objects on the basis of standard packages, conducting numerical experiments and developing research methods, describing ongoing research and analyzing the results ; development of mathematical models of the studied processes. Particular attention is paid to the training of reviews, reports and publications, the introduction of research results.
Postgraduate students pass scientific practice, carry out scientific research work and prepare final qualification work in: organizations of the State Corporation Rosatom: JSC VNIINM, SRC Kurchatov Institute; Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Russia: IBRAE RAS, IPM RAS Keldysh et al., Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna). Foreign internships and practical training are also conducted.
Texas A & M University (TAMU)