International Conference “Neuroinformatics-2017” starts in Moscow

More than two hundred Russian and foreign scientists are taking part in the XIX International Conference “Neuroinformatics-2017”, which has opened on the 2nd of October in the capital of Russia.

According to the expectations of many scientists, there will be a “nanotechnological” revolution by the middle of this century that will change the technological structure and many aspects of the lives of most earthlings.

“Lately, issues related to the development of artificial intelligence, neurotechnology, machine learning, human-computer interfaces, receive great attention both in Russia and in the world,” said the Deputy Director of the Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems MEPhI Valentin Klimov. In this regard, according to him, the University is holding a series of events which aims to take a worthy place in the emerging nanotechnological market.

Today, the ability of artificial computing systems in terms of memory and processing power of information has reached the capabilities of the human brain. However, there are still doubts about prospects for the emergence of anything resembling the full scope of the human mind in artificial technology.

The Head of Department of neural network at the Center of Optical-Neural Technologies at the Scientific Research Institute for System Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vitaly Dunin-Barkovsky said that together with the head of the Mathematical Modelling Centre of the University of Leicester Alexander Gorban they decided to provide a platform for the publication of works devoted to this topic on the basis of journal series “Frontiers in”.

“We believe that the time has come to announce the creation of artificial intelligence at the human level as a specific objective of modern science and technology, and we hope that our initiative will help its early achievement,” said the researcher.

Among the speakers at the conference, which will last five days, there are the President of the Russian Neural Network Society, corresponding member of RAS, head of the Center of Optical-Neural Technologies Boris Kryzhanovsky, a senior researcher at the Cybernetics Department of MEPhI Vladimir Redko, Vice-President of the Russian Neural Network Society, co-founder of the company “Acumen – information business-systems” Sergey Shumsky, head of Department of neural network at the Center of Optical-Neural Technologies Vitaly Dunin-Barkovsky, Professor at the University of Leicester (UK) Alexander Gorban.

The International Conference “Neuroinformatics” is the annual multidisciplinary scientific forum dedicated to the theory and applications of artificial neural networks, problems of Neuroscience and Biophysics systems, adaptive behavior and cognitive researches. MEPhI is among its organizers.

Participants will attend lectures of renowned experts on the topical issues of neuroinformatics, discuss the problems of constructing an artificial brain. The conference will include a contest among young scientists for the best work in the thematic areas.