MEPhI students win two gold medals at Digital Skills-2018 championship

Representatives of MEPhI won prizes at the II industry championship in the field of information technology DigitalSkills-2018 in Kazan.

Within three days more than 200 students of colleges, universities, schoolchildren and young employees of enterprises from 14 countries (Russia, China, Australia, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Estonia, Austria, Germany, France, etc.) competed at the DigitalSkills-2018. The participants demonstrated professional skills in 24 competencies related to the current areas of activity of the modern digital industry.

The Director General of the Union “Young professionals (WorldSkillsRussia)” Robert Urazov noted that the corporate championship of DigitalSkills began as a purely IT competition, but turned into a global event that helps students to see themselves in their future profession and understand that “digital” and programming is not the distant future, but what is needed now in any industry.

Employees of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI participated in two competencies: “Operation of unmanned aircraft systems” and “Quantum technologies”. Also, a student of the Lyceum №1511 of the MEPhI Pre-university took part in the competition on “Analysis of information systems security from external threats”.

An engineer of the WorldSkills competence center at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI Vladimir Voronin took the first place in the competence “Operation of unmanned aircraft systems” (expert – engineer of the WorldSkills competencies center of MEPhI Artem Ignatov). In the competition, the participants had to show several skills: flying through the obstacle course; capture and transfer of cargo, skills of remote control of a drone and programming of automatic flight on a given route. At the final stage, the drone had to take a photo of a three-dimensional object, and then it was necessary to create a model and print it on a 3D printer on the basis of the images. Vladimir Voronin noted that the main rival was the representative of MSEC who took the second place: “It was very skilled rival. In my practice it was the second championship and the second victory, while he participated in three (out of offset) only during the last month therefore it was quite difficult to compete with him”. According to Vladimir, he adheres to the rule which helps him to achieve good results in life: “The secret of success is simple – “Be Brave and Work Hard!” I want to add that it is necessary to find a direction that is after your own heart, and work away. I was lucky to find one. In our laboratory, we work on many projects, and each of them is interesting to the point of insanity. Go ahead!”

A student of the LAPLAS Institute Anisia Klimenko won gold in the competence Quantum technologies” (expert – an engineer of the LAPLAS Institute Konstantin Lukyanov), and her colleague Violetta Sharoglazova (expert – a student of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI Vladimir Pirog) took the second place in this competency. In this interdisciplinary competence related to the modern branch of quantum encryption and data transmission, the participants performed three modules. The first task was the assembling of the Bob scheme – a symbol of the signal receiver, measurement of attenuation in the resulting scheme and calculation of some parameters. The second was to configure the settings themselves, work with Alice and Bob’s software, and start the generation and transmission of the key through the quantum channel. The third module was about programming on a quantum computer simulator, which took place on the IBM Q Experience platform. “In my opinion, the most difficult was the last module, as it is the most difficult to find information. I am delighted with the championship, mostly with the organization of experts and the platform of our competence. I hope that more and more participants will be interested in this competence, because now it is one of the promising areas and experts in this field are needed,” said Anisia.

Student of the 10th grade of the Lyceum №1511 Mikhail Sukhov (expert – MEPhI postgraduate Ainur Zamanov) participated in the competence “Analysis of information systems security from external threats”. Despite his youngest age, he finished fourth among 9 adult participants. This is Mickhail’s second achievement this year. In October, he already took the first place in this competence in the VII Open championship of professional skills of Moscow “Moscow masters” by WorldSkills standards and has a good chance to get to the national championship in this competence. Mikhail solved tasks in the field of steganography and cryptography, conducted an “investigation” of the incident in the application of the bookstore (fictitious), eliminated the problems associated with the attack on the corporate network. “The whole championship was a constant improvement of my skills. It was difficult, but I coped, performed at the level of participants who work in this field,” said Mikhail Sukhov.

Congratulations to the guys with a well-deserved victory and wish them further success!