MEPhI to open “Center of blockchain development MEPHIUS”

The National Research Nuclear University MEPhI together with a group of companies M9 are going to open “Center of development of blockchain-technologies MEPHIUS” at the Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems (ICIS) MEPhI in September 2017.

The main purpose of the Center is to create and promote its own blockchain platform MEPHIUS, allowing to develop business applications for the real sector of the economy (smart-contracts) and release of cryptographic assets.

Other tasks of the Center include the creation of new solutions in the field of secure blockchain-technologies, development of software and hardware cryptographic tools and solutions based on the blockchain in combination with artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data.

MEPhI has extensive experience in training highly qualified specialists in the field of information technology that will enable the Centre to provide fundamental training for the rapidly growing digital economy.

Part of the team of developers will be talented undergraduate and graduate students who received during the training in MEPhI fundamental knowledge in various fields of technology, including such subjects as cryptography, machine learning and data analysis, mathematical modeling of information security systems and information security of automated systems.

The idea to establish the center emerged this spring in the discussion of the latest trends in the IT-industry. In MEPhI such initiators were the Deputy Head of the Training Department of the Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems Ivan Bulychev and also Vlad Samoylov. The scientific leadership of the Center has taken over a leading specialist in cryptography, information security and software development Sergey Zapechnikov, doctor of technical sciences, associate Professor, MEPhI Professor.

“The idea of the Center was prompted by life itself: the blockchain technologies are increasingly being introduced in the banking sector, public administration, logistics, insurance and many other areas. They have huge growth potential, but are just at the beginning of its development. The base of blockchain-technologies is cryptographic methods of information security, and the Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems MEPhI has many years of experience of research and development in the field of cryptography and information security. Just created in MEPhI “Center of development of blockchain-technologies MEPHIUS” aims both the development of already existing and well-proven in practice the blockchain-technology and the solution of actual scientific problems in the field of cryptography, information security, and scale the blockchain-platforms. We are confident that demand for our products will only grow, and cryptography with full certainty can be called a science of the future,” he said.

The Center will focus on developing a new generation of information technologies for the digital economy, the elaboration and implementation of a blockchain-technology in various sectors of the Russian economy and public administration, including financial sector, insurance, transport logistics and several other areas.

Training courses for IT-professionals on the basics of blockchain technology and information security, including an introduction to cryptography are going to open in September.

Managing partner of the group of companies M9 Maxim Morozov noted: “One of the tasks of Russia is the modernization of the economy. Unfortunately, in many areas we are lagging behind, so we decided to try to change the situation by introducing the blockchain in real life. We have chosen one of the best Russian universities – MEPhI – as a partner. I’m sure that together we’ll be able to build the foundation for the development of the digital economy of Russia”.