New MEPhI generation preparing for beginning of academic year

MEPhI’s admission campaign has come to an end, the orders for admission of bachelors, specialists, masters and postgraduates are published on the website of the Admission Comission.

In 2018, MEPhI has become the leader among Russian universities in passing score for two specialties: “Informatics and computer engineering” and “Electronics and nanoelectronics”. The University entered the top three in passing scores for the specialty “Physics”.

In 2018, 4027 applicants have applied to the Moscow branch of MEPhI, 1315 of them have become students of one of the leading Russian universities in the field of engineering education. The most popular area of study among Russian enrollees in the number of applications is the direction of “Nuclear physics and technology” – 746 applications.

There is a steady increase in the average score of the Unified State Exam among applicants. This year, the exam’s rates have increased again markedly: 92.3 points compared to 90.5 points last year and 89 points the year before. The average score has increased in almost all profile areas / specialties. This year, 38% of freshmen are winners and prize-winners of the Olympiads, and 40% of them have a certificate with honors.

Congratulations to all who entered, we wish you a good study, successful professional and personal development, as well as a fun and rich student life in our University!