New online courses from teachers of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI are available on the international platform Coursera.

Thousands of students from all over the world study at the courses of our university teachers. Join! A list of all courses is available here, and below are the latest “news”. The course “Fundamentals of Physics of Nuclear Reactors” is presented in English. Lecturer: Yury Volkov, Senior Lecturer, Department of Theoretical and Experimental Physics of Nuclear Reactors, Ph.D. This course is the first step to getting to know the physics of nuclear reactors and to understand what processes are taking place in the core of the nuclear reactor. The study of the course will serve as a good basis for further study of the physical theory of nuclear reactors, methods for experimental study of the neutron field, and educational and research work. This course is based on the classic course “Theory of neutron transport”, which is read in MEPhI for the last 20 years. The course “Human factor in the development of corporate systems” is a continuation of a series of courses on the development of corporate systems, from the teacher Sergey Zykov. This is his sixth year on the Coursera platform. Previous courses were mainly related to technological aspects. In the development of corporate systems, managerial aspects play a very significant role. Team building, conflict management, constructive communication, conducting and analyzing the results of interviews – this is far from a complete list of knowledge, skills and abilities that are intended to give the real course. Another course in English, entitled “Methods of surface analysis” was developed by Yaroslav Sadovsky, assistant of the Department of Plasma Physics. In the course, the methods of surface analysis, most frequently encountered in the study of surfaces, are briefly considered. The course provides information on the strengths and weaknesses of different methods and how to interpret the results.