The journal “Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems” publishes an article by the Associate Professor of Information Security of Banking Systems

In the journal “Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems” published by IOS Press (the Netherlands), an article was published by the associate professor of the department №44 N. Miloslavskaya under the title “Information Security Management in SMCs and CISMs”. Currently, the new complex attacks make the breaking of the IT infrastructures of the organization (ITI) more professional. All organizations should counteract this correctly developed and centralized information security management (IS). Learning from the past helps to avoid the consequences of serious IS incidents in the future. Therefore, for the rapid detection of IS incidents, minimization of losses and destruction caused by them, elimination of exploited vulnerabilities and restoration of IT organizations, it is necessary to manage the IS. This process can be implemented on the basis of the Security Monitoring Centers (SMCs) and the Centers for Intelligent Security Management (CISM) as the next step in their evolution. The article defines the main functions and serious limitations of SMCs and analyzes the concept and functioning of CISMs, which is the next evolutionary step in comparison with SMCs.