The SKYRIS Drone Team from National Research Nuclear University MEPhI will compete with the best pilots of the world at the race Moscow Sky Drone Racing

From August 25 to August 26, at the Moscow aerodrome MAP3, in addition to the entertainment program, there will be an educational zone. At the same site, the best universities and companies will perform, such as MEPhI, MAI, Copter Express, etc. The SKYRIS Drone Team from MEPhI will challenge the best pilots in the world at the Moscow Sky Drone Racing. In addition to participating in the race, the pilots will make a report on the topic: “The operator of UAV – the profession of the future, in demand in the present. UAV – yes, operators – no. One, two, Headhanter comes here! ” and will lead a master class to manage the racing quadrocopter, will tell the basic subtleties on the selection of components for the drone. Also, a video-link system will be presented, the educational package of the MEPhI and other developments are presented.