Who is a software engineer?

Software engineering is an area of computer science and technology that involves the creation of complex software systems. Knowledge of programming is a prerequisite for becoming a software engineer. But not only. The software engineer creates reliable tools (programs, applications) that solve not only the existing problem, but are already “sharpened” for future tasks that are not yet delivered, are not even known, but will appear after some time as a consequence. He must know all the leading programs and solutions, have the ability to analyze the situation and predict its development, design complex systems and objects, be able to communicate with them in the language of figures, using modern technologies (“clouds” and “lakes” of data, Internet of things and much more). In addition, the software engineer manages a team of performers, and this requires care and stress resistance. Young specialists with this level of training are in demand now, will be needed in the future, and not only in the nuclear industry, but also beyond. The master of the Higher Engineering School of the MEPhI, who started his studies in 2017, Vrezh Ohanyan told about software engineering: – Software engineering is an actual topic at the moment. Before the magistracy in HES MEPhI I worked in the field of ecology and geology. And the baccalaureate, and the first magistracy graduated from Gubkin University. And now I work in a large company in the IT department, and there was a desire and a need to improve my skills and gain new knowledge. In the world, now the ability to work with the big data topic is very in demand, and this area is also very interesting for me. In the magistracy of HES MEPhI we study subjects related to this topic – programming languages, working with databases, modeling. I’m interested in going further in this direction, learning something new, for example, how to automate and improve various processes using smart technologies. Many software engineers work as full-time employees or contractors in enterprises, government agencies (civil or military), in commercial and non-profit organizations. HES MEPhI undergraduates have a great advantage – from the first semester they are registered for work in the ASE Group – and this is the leader of the world nuclear engineering business. Representations, branches and operational offices of the company operate in the territory of 15 countries. Almost 80% of the portfolio of orders falls on projects abroad