09.03.01 Computer science and computer facilities
Secure High Performance Computer Systems 
General information:
University: National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
Institute: Institute of cyber intelligence systems
Degree or qualification is awarded: Bachelor degree
Language of study: Russian, English
Duration: 4 years
Programme curator: M.A. Ivanov
The program objective is to prepare highly qualified bachelors in computer systems and technologies for the staffing of the research institutions, enterprises of nuclear and other high-tech industries.
During the program, students are actively exploring both hardware and software modern design tools for computer systems. The department has a unique laboratory “Digital circuitry” with a stand on the FPGAs which allows students to pass the entire cycle of design to form the final digital device. In the area of programming, special attention is paid to provide a high security level of the software being developed.

Area of professional activity includes:

  • development of computer systems and networks;
  • design of digital equipment with the FPGAs;
  • development of system and application software;
  • comprehensive analysis of the security of information systems.
The curriculum fully complies with the State Educational Standart-3 and with the basic disciplines includes unique disciplines of the variable part (“Automatic Machines Theory,” “Discrete Mathematics,” “Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics,” “Interfaces and external devices of computing systems,” “Low-level programming,” “Computer and Systems Organization,” “Microprocessor Systems”).
Disciplines of the variable part train the graduates to be successful in all modern high-tech sectors with modern information-managing and communication technologies. The curriculum comprises the large number of subjects that can be chosen by a student according to personal preferences. The curriculum provides advanced training in the field of modern secure information technologies.
  • MEPhI
  • State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”
  • Public Corporation Concern PVO Almaz-Antey
  • Open Computer Systems Holding
  • Federal Financial Monitoring Agency (Federal Financial Monitoring Service)
  • Systemprom Concern, etc.
  • computer systems and networks in a secure realization;
  • automated systems for information processing and management;
  • computer-aided design systems;
  • automated systems software;
  • damaging software elimination tools.