09.06.01 Informatics and Computer Technologies
System analysis, management and information processing
General information:
University:National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
Institute: Institute of cyber intelligence systems
Level: Post graduate course
Document on education, degree or qualification: Researcher. Teacher – Researcher.
Language of education: Russian, English
Form of training: full-time
Duration: 4 years
Possibility of free education: yes
Program leader: Andrey M. Zagrebayev
Phone: +7 (495) 788-56-99, ext. 9379
E-mail: AMZagrebayev@mephi.ru
Graduation department: Department of Cybernetics (№ 22).
The main objective of the post-graduate students’ training is to educate advanced theoretical and practical skills and deeper understanding of the field of system analysis of complex applied objects of research. That includes: developing and applying methods of analysis, information processing, goal-oriented influence on objects of research. With respect to impoving efficiency of research objects, subject to study are issues relating to analysis, modeling, optimization, improving management and decision making.
Area of expertise includes various fields in science, technology and pedagogy that encompass the problem range of the “Informatics and computer engineering” branch. Special attention is payed to advancing thoeretical research, creating, deploying and using perspective, forward-looking systems, networks, complexes and mathematical support.
a selected area of scientific knowledge and scientific problems of interdisciplinary nature: computing machines, complexes and networks; sowftware for computers and automated systems; mathematical, information, technical, software, ergonomic, organizational, legal support for automated, information, computational,  design and management systems; high-performance computations and super-computer hardware; software and hardware development technologies.
A central role in the educational process is given to scientific research and preparing the text of the disseration, which is conducted under guidance of prominent scientists. Together with their mentors, students participate in research projects in actual fields of fundamental and applied research. That helps students in developing skills in working as part of a team, generating new ideas, as well as being capable for independent scientific work. Scientific research plays an important part in the educational process, providing a setup in which students learn to search and analyse relevant information, and particular attention is paid to presenting results in a form of scientific review, paper or report, to preparing publications and to pratical adoption of the results
JSC “NIKIET”, FSUE VNIIA, NRNU MEPhi, FSUE RFNC – VNIIEF, Kurchatov Institute, 1C, Yandex