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ДОКЛАДЧИК: Rosario Sorbello (Ph.D), Professor of Humanoid Robotics, University of Palermo, DIID, RoboticsLab Co-Director.

НАЗВАНИЕ ДОКЛАДА: «A cross-disciplinary model of trust: Cognitive Grammar, Biological Measures and Robotic Interaction” (доклад состоится на английском языке).

АННОТАЦИЯ: Trust is a concept with significant implications for theories on decision making, choice, and action in social and behavioral sciences as well as for the research on the acceptance of technology, automated systems, human-machine and human robot interaction. In this framework we propose a preliminary cross-disciplinary definition of trust as a composite cognitive state that sets the antecedent condition of interaction in uncertain and risky circumstances. On this account we have built a model of the cognitive modules of trust and trustworthiness connected through a parallel architecture. This model describes the cognitive grammar underlying the informational structures, which agents map on to the observable variability of the environment to solve the problem of trust in the social space. At a more abstract level the model can be computationally specified in terms of I/O automata formalization. At the simulation level the model can be experimentally tested for cooperative or competitive, honest or cheating conditions of interpersonal interaction. To this end we have built a BCI humanoid augmented architecture whose modules extract brain signals from human subjects while interacting with the humanoid Geminoid in controlled conditions to draw ERP measures of the processing of the cognitive modules of trust.

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